Barelythere Microfiber Crop Top Bra style 103 Review

UAT9FHPB7GBW.A Comfort Bra for Some women who have intensive activity in home and it is nice to wear while sleep, 
Barely There Crop Top 103 Bra is made for moderate control. Seamless and soft to the touch, this Barely There Crop Top 103  Bra is fashionably designed with elegant damask weave and is a great alternative to the camisole. There are no wires or hardware in this Barely There Crop Top.

Featured of Barely there  Microfiber Crop Top 103 Bra

  • nylon
  • bras closure
  • 100% nylon
  • Makes a great leisure or sleep bra
  • Feels like wearing nothing
  • Imported
  • Machine wash, tumble dry 
  • Incredibly soft microfiber construction
  • Feminine damask weave along neckline
  • Reinforced shoulder straps for added support
  • Non-binding back flat elastic edging
For your consideration here are review of costumers of Amazon Who brought this Barely there  Microfiber Crop Top 103 Bra 
" I bought a medium and I'm a 36D. Perfect fit!!! The best part, I don't fall out and this bra isn't hot and nasty like most. I have plenty of support too. This is now my favorite bra and I plan to load up on them!!!!
This is the best fitting, most comfortable bra I ever wore. I hate bras and am so glad I found this one!"
"Although the material is soft, this bra offers virtually no support and I am not a busty woman at all. This is very thin material and does not look like the picture at all which seems to elude to the fact that this offers support. Not so! Yes, it is comfortable and fits well, but it's not an everyday bra nor is it a bra for working out in. I am glad I only purchased one as this will be the last one I buy! "
Hope you enjoy...... 

Breast Cancer And Pregnancy

Although it is rare for breast cancer to strike younger women, the truth remains that all women are at risk. And for those of childbearing age, the first sign and symptoms of breast cancer leading to a diagnosis can not only be upsetting and unexpected, but complicated as well.

Developing breast cancer at a younger age in a woman’s 40s, 30s, even 20s will mean making important and difficult decisions about one’s life and future perhaps much sooner than originally expected.

One point is developing breast cancer during pregnancy, which although rare, can still occur. In this issue, the treatment chosen will not only affect the patient and her body, but the growing baby inside her as well. It will depend on what stage of pregnancy she is in (first, second or third trimester) and what stage her cancer is in such as whether or not it’s advanced.

Most pregnant women can have medicine for their breast cancer without affecting the baby. But a little might be advised by their obstetrician or health-care practitioner or even decide themselves to terminate the pregnancy, more so if the pregnancy is in its earlier stages, in order to receive certain treatments that would be too risky otherwise. But it is essential to remember that it is a woman’s own decision it is not medically necessary to terminate a pregnancy if the expectant mother is diagnosed with breast cancer. All it does is limit treatment options. Breast cancer itself will not affect the fetus only certain tests and treatments will.

Commonly speaking, tamoxifen, chemotherapy, radiation, and other drug-related therapies are avoided if the woman is pregnant because of their associated risks with birth defects. Tamoxifen, especially, is considered very unsafe because it is a hormonal therapy and is never recommended if the woman is pregnant or planning on conceiving.

Surgery—either a lumpectomy or mastectomy—is the most common and preferred method of treatment for breast cancer in pregnant women.

Another concern is whether or not breast cancer survivors can or should go on to have children after treatment and recovery. It’s a very controversial issue with firm advocates on both sides of the debate.

There are two main questions here, for both the medical and health community and breast cancer survivors wanting their own children:
1) Do certain breast cancer treatments affect fertility
2) Is it actually considered safe to conceive and carry a baby to term following breast cancer and breast cancer treatments?

As far as fertility goes, there is no definite answer here. For chemotherapy, it depends on the age and what specific drug was used—some affect fertility more than others. And taking tamoxifen after chemotherapy to prevent recurrence is not recommended if the woman desires to become pregnant right away. Although tamoxifen is sometimes used as a fertility treatment, there is evidence to suggest that it damages developing embryos, and therefore is not considered safe to use.

Many doctors caution these women to wait a few years to ensure receiving the best breast cancer treatment workable and to go past the point of the biggest threat of breast cancer recurrence. But some women decide to go ahead and have babies anyway, since it’s so important to them.

Playtex Bra Comfort Lace Wirefree review

This Playtex Bra is a fine alternative for those of us who are large busted but cannot abide wearing an underwire. It is one of Playtex's best offerings - unlike, for example, the Comfort Strap Playtex 18-hour, it does not lack support for the full figured. It also is attractive and highly comfortable. I especially like the Honey shade, which does not show under clothing as might white.

For those of us who need the extra D, this  Playtex Bra has proven to be the best I've ever had. Not only does it lend support, but the level of support even extends to when I'm running. When I'm wearing these, I experience extreme comfort! I haven't tested it with more rigorous exercises like aerobics, but they keep things in check. No more bouncing all over the place.

FEATURED of Playtex Bra Comfort Lace Wirefree

  • fabric : polyester
  • bras closure
  • Beautiful, feminine lace design
  • Cups, cup extension, center: 100% Polyester. Back, cup lining, cup extension lining: 91% Polyester, 9% Spandex. Exclusive of other trim and elastics
  • Air form fabric straps, lining and back provide breathable light-as-air comfort
  • Hand wash cold water with like colors. Only non-chlorine bleach when needed. Line dry. Do not iron.
  • Stay-put comfort Strap; Four rows of eyes for fit flexibility 
There is a cooler way to enjoy shapely support! Cup lining, straps and back feature whisper light air form fabric with knit-in air pockets for breathable comfort. All of this fit and function beneath a beautiful lush lace exterior

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enjoy your Sweety Bra..;)