This is How The women Should choose The Bra Size

Bra is the most important items for the Eve to keep the beauty of the breast. Bra size must be adjusted to body shape and breast. if you use to tight a Bra can actually damage the health of an increased risk of  breast cancer. It was based on reseach conducted by Harvard University, USA

Usage the bra that is too tight will inhibit blood circulation and damage the breast tissue. This resulted in the supply of oxygen and nutrients to cells inhibited breast so that toxins trapped in it. The researchers warned of high risk of breast cancer occur in women who use the bra is too tight for 12 hours, especially those who sleep wearing a bra.

Through this research, researchers also found the highest breast cancer cases occur in middle-class workers who have high work hours. The assumption that they are wearing a tight bra size during work.

Dr. Mody MD, a health expert, said that the lymphatic vessels in the breast tissue is very thin so it is very sensitive to pressure. The use of a tight bra would limit the flow of lymph in the breast. "It makes the poison accumulates in breast cancer cells and trigger development," he said.  

Use of the wrong bra inhibit the body to remove cancer cells and toxins such as dioxins, benzene and other carcinogenic chemicals that attach to the fatty tissues of the body such as breasts. In fact, if you find a lump in the breast, lymph fluid can be liquid . Health and beauty experts advise women to pay attention to the use of a bra. especially to chose size Bra (besthealthnewsonline / Vin)

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