How to chose and use a fit Bra

Bra is one of the most important things for keeping the health breast, of course you don't want if you have not yet entered the age of mid-life, your breast are already slack.
in this modern era many type of bras are sold in store or boutique, and certainly one of them there is amach for our bodies.If you wear a bra, fells like a pinching of the skin, so skin look reddish, This bra is sign that you are using is not suitable for you.

Bra size is never always the same, if during adolescence wear size 34, not necessarily still fit in your body today. Change is breast size could be do to the increase or reduction in body weight, age, birth, or drug consumption, therefore advisable to resizing every 6 month, due in 6 months probably bra shape already to loose and unable to support breast perfectly
choosing a comfortable bra is a bit tedious, to do not miscast in wearing bra here are some tips :

1. wear a bra without foam, loop measuring device right at the bottom of your breasts. add 5 point if the amount of odd sizes, and 7 if the size of even-numbered
result of the number is your bra size number.
2. loop measuring device rightin the breast of the most prominent, reduce the result size to the size of the first, the result obtained is the cup size
  • 1 inch = A
  • 2 inch = B
  • 3 inch = C
  • 4 inch = D
  • 5 inch = DD
  • 6 inch = DDD
3. remember, there is not standard of bra size, other brands others as well size, try to compare two cup size from the same brand, thus can be seen what the size that fits with your breasts.

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